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At a turning point in the financial industry, TradeHouses provides education as the main source of knowledge. We have created an all-inclusive educational center, with a wide choice of educational material, from ebooks to video tutorials, from trading certifications to live webinars, we provide holistic education to financial traders.

Online Trading School

Build a strong foundation through our interactive courses.

Customizable Learning Program

Customize your learning program based on your requirements.

Trading Certifications

Become a world-recognized certified trader in 6 months.

Educational Bundle

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Educational Videos

Get access to advanced educational videos and tutorials.

Educational Webinars

Attend live educational webinars and introductory sessions.


SUBJECT: CFD & FX foundation

DURATION: 4 Weeks, 2 sessions per week

FORMAT: Online

The Online Trading School program is an interactive course suitable for new traders who want to build a strong foundation when it comes to online CFD trading and Forex. Trillions of dollars are changing hands each and every day through the financial markets, and these movements present endless opportunities. At TradeHouses, you will be able to harness these opportunities as we truly believe everyone can be a trader.

Program Format:

• Course is delivered using a live, interactive screen sharing method, providing an environment for optimal learning
• 2 sessions per week / 1-2-hour sessions
• Environment where teamwork & support is fostered and encouraged

Learning Objectives:

• Develop a strong foundation and understanding on CFD and FX trading.
• Be able to read a chart and determine how various trading instruments move on the chart.
• Be able to identify basic opportunities in the market based on technical indicators and risk and reward ratios.


SUBJECT: CFD & FX introduction

LENGTH: 300+ pages


TradeHouses has designed exclusive educational packages taking into account what is missing from the market. As an independent trading communication platform, our aim is to provide exclusive educational services for both novice and advanced traders. Each House, offers a unique and holistic experience to our customers, ensuring a high-standard of quality is maintained throughout our services.

Choose from a wide range of educational material, such as Trading E-courses with Video Tutorials, Complete Trading Ebook, Exclusive Educational Webinars, that include Technical and Fundamental Analysis, CryptoCurrency Education, Trading Psychology and one-on-one tutoring, for a specialised, custom-tailored trading educational programme.


SUBJECT: Advanced CFD & FX training
LENGTH: depending on your requirements
FORMAT: depending on your requirements

Working closely with you to ensure maximum knowledge and information spreading through various asset classes and investment categories, we make sure we provide high level educational modules that increase your financial IQ within this market.

Designed to satisfy the needs of corporate traders, our services allow you to start your journey in the financial market. The services provided by our instructors give you flexibility and allow you to create a balanced custom-tailored programmed for your needs.


SUBJECT: CFD & FX Introduction

LENGTH: 30+ hours

FORMAT: video

Everybody learns differently. Did you know that 33,56% of people learn better when hearing something, instead of reading. Having that in mind, we have put together comprehensive educational videos and video tutorials, and learn how to trade at your own pace. Choose from a wide variety of educational videos and make the most out of your experience.


SUBJECT: CFD & FX introduction

LENGTH: 30+ hours

FORMAT: video

Attend live educational webinars and interact with other traders and financial advisers within our community, exchange tips and strategies, discuss upcoming trading events and asset price movements and analyse trades, making the most out of your trading. Choose from a wide variety of topics such as introductory sessions, advanced analysis techniques workshops, live charting sessions and many more.


SUBJECT: Advanced Trading Certification

LENGTH: 22+ hours

FORMAT: live & pre-recorded video

As part of our holistic approach to the market, we are able to provide a trading certification with worldwide recognition. TradeHouses offers a unique online trading course, giving the chance to every single trader to become certified and take their trading to the next level.

The course
1. Introduction to Forex, Crypto’s and the financial markets.
2. Introduction to Technical Analysis
3. Applying Technical Analysis to predict future price movement.

Who is this course for?
The course is designed for both novice and advanced traders, regardless of the level of experience, skills or knowledge. Acquire advanced knowledge, skills, and confidence when trading, applying Technical Analysis and indicators.

Learning Objectives:
· Build a strong foundation and understanding of trading.
· Read a chart and determine how various trading instruments move on the chart.
· Identify basic opportunities in the market, based on technical indicators and risk and reward ratios.
· Learn how to use technical analysis to trade different markets in real life and future price movements.